About the Thing I've Been Posting on Instagram Lately

Portrait veronika

So I’m currently serializing a new story on Instagram, which starts here. It’s part of the overall Ohio Is For Sale universe, which you can read more about here. This one is about this girl Veronika, who’s appeared in a few of my comics, most notably as the older sister in The Lonesome Era. It’s going to be a pretty long one, so I thought it’d be a good idea to maintain a little ongoing summary and character overview in case anybody gets lost along the way.

Portrait matt

Veronika is twenty four years old and living with her parents and younger brother, and she hates it. Her big goal right now is to get out of there as soon as possible. Veronika’s boyfriend Matt is going on tour with his band for a month and she’s going to crash at his gross little apartment while he’s away. They’ve talked about moving in together but Matt doesn’t seem very committed to the idea, and if she’s being honest with herself, Veronika’s not totally convinced that she is either.

Portrait persephone

When the story begins, Veronika’s been unemployed for over a year. She dropped out of college a few years ago and she’s been kind of drifting ever since. But she’s about to start a new job doing database work for a mysterious chemical company, and she’s feeling excited to be moving things forward again.

Portrait dave

The office is an anonymous corporate heap of polygons with a big graphic of a pine tree on the front. When Veronika arrives, she’s greeted by Persephone the receptionist, and Dave, one of her new coworkers. Right off the bat it seems like Dave probably has a crush on Veronika. Persephone shows her around the office and takes her to Jake, the owner of the company.

Portrait jake

Jake explains that the company makes a number of productivity-enhancing supplements, designed to improve focus, concentration, memory, etc – ideal for the kind of office lifestyle that Veronika’s signed herself up for. He sends her away with a sample bottle and Persephone returns to take Veronika to her desk.

Portrait susan

On the way they run into Susan, Jake’s wife. Susan reminds Persephone that she’s waiting for a package, and tells her that she’d better be back at the reception desk when it shows up.

That's it so far! Check back here for ongoing updates.